Friday, October 14, 2011

A new love

While Halloween is my favorite event of the year, Christmas holds a close second place. That being said, I've found a new fabric to love for the holidays. It's Lynette Anderson's Scandinavian Christmas and I've gone crazy. I ordered the cutest reindeer wall hanging from The Quilted B (their photos are copyrighted so I can't add a picture but it's worth taking a look). Then I found a stitchery pattern and the most adorable buttons.......seriously, is this cute or what?

Look at these adorable buttons! 
Now I'm on the hunt for this pattern and the Scandinavian Christmas fabric:

I hope the UPS man, the FedEx man or the mailman bring these goodies soon!

Happy Friday! Make your weekend groovy!



  1. PS: I see you're from San José. Guess what, we'll be visiting a friend there in November all the way from the Netherlands (o:

  2. Oooh, all the way from the Netherlands. How wonderful. I hope San Jose is wonderful for you!!!