Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Post-Holiday!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend. Ours was very relaxing. Our neighbor's had a block party on the fourth so we walked over in the evening to watch the fireworks. They really do a fantastic job!

I didn't get a whole lot done last week.....but I did get the tent scrubbed for our camping trip. It was a mess!! And I did get our camping t-shirts finished!! Woo-hoo!! We started creating family camping t-shirts a couple of years back and everyone seems to like the idea. Someday, when I have enough of them, I'm going to make a t-shirt quilt. I haven't made one and I've seen some really creative ones so I'm excited to make one of my own. Anyway, this year's shirts were a big hit.
Last night I worked on some UFO's. I'm on a bag-craze right now. They're super fun and super quick to make!! I'll try to get some pics up soon of them.
Toodles for today! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I keep working away on a number of projects, and look forward to seeing your bags.

  2. I hope your project list is getting smaller. That way you can add more new ones!