Monday, July 19, 2010

Projects Completed!!

Somehow I found the time to finish three tops, two bags and a wristlet this the heck did that happen? Well, however it happened........YIPPEE!!! Now I can add some new projects to my list of stuff to do.

I raided my stash for this one. I got the pattern from Quick Quilts.....not sure if I'm going to put the outer border on it or not. I kinda like it the way it is.

I bought this blue/brown fabric from Joann's the other day. I didn't have a project in mind but thought it was really pretty (doesn't everyone buy fabric that way?). If you look closely, the dark brown fabric swirls actually say 'coffee'. This will make a super cute table topper.

Last, but not least, it this top from 'Hooked on Charms 2'. Originally I was going to use multiple charm packs to make a bigger top but I didn't pay attention when I was cutting and ended up making it smaller than the pattern. Oh-me-oh-my why do I do such things?
But I did have a couple extra squares so I made this little hot pad (or whatever).
This little bag and wristlet went together super quick.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You have been really busy. Love them all. L,A-

  2. What beautiful projects--I recently did a blue/brown/green quilt with fabric I bought just because it was pretty. So, I understand that kind of shopping, at least occasionally. The green and purple quilt really caught my eye. It will be a beauty finished, border or no.